Saturday, May 16, 2009

Have you made a mess with your kids today?

I have a high tolerance for messiness. I've always been like that. Messy hair. Messy room. Messy house. Messy ideas for fun things to do with kids. Which is the real point of this blog.

As it turns out, being able to tolerate, and even celebrate the mess is a good quality to have as a mom! And while not every idea I share will be messy, they will be written in the spirit of recognizing that our kids, ALL KIDS, learn through playing with stuff, touching stuff, tasting stuff, creating with stuff, and that stuff is often messy. Dirt, flour, dough, paint, whatever it is, there is usually a way to make a mess. And if we can let go of worrying about whether our kids or their clothes, or our clothes or kitchen floor are getting messy and concentrate on the wonder of what our kids are experiencing instead of how long their hands are going to be dyed green, then we can enjoy parenting so much more!

Also, I'm full of ideas for adventures. Places to go, things to see and do that are out and about. While some of these outings are not messy outright, your house may remain messy longer than it would have if you had stayed home and tried to do chores and entertain your kids at the same time (more on this thought later).

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  1. Oh Jane, how I love you! I wish we lived closer together - we'd have so much fun making messes! Have you done shaving cream? That is one of my kids' favorite messes, but in reality, it actually cleans at the same time. My older two enjoy smearing it all over the table and then fingerpainting thru it, but my youngest is my sensory child and feels the need to cover himself in the process as well. Thanks for the reminder to get messy again!